where is the love?

It’s been claimed in the past few years that human sex ratio is 7 women for every single (or not) man living physically on the Lebanese territory. I’m not sure how to check the figures but if that’s almost right, then here’s the deal: while a Lebanese male resident might have had a fantasy of dating a couple of girls a while back, now he’s got at least 5. And since no one can choose his gender (so far, at birth), women will just have to adapt and live with the ratio. and live with the ratio.

This blog is going to tackle societal issues as seen by a young Lebanese woman who doesn’t happen to be a big fan of marriage, yet feels sorry for the frustrations of the ladies out there; doesn’t believe in conformity and cliches, but rather thinks that she thinks differently; aims for change and invites every living soul to write, speak, dance, sing, express itself through any means possible.

Bottom line, believing in freedom of expression is key, but it’s only thru exposure to inspiring content (audio, visual, written) that we can generate good content, and create therefore a butterfly effect to walk the talk, bringing on the best in us and rising our potential above any romantic mexican-soapies-style of absurd energy and time consumption, within the 7 to 1 framework.

If figures are immuable, our feelings aren’t! We will always love regardless the ratio! One would keep on falling in love regardless how many shields they might erect around their heart to keep them from falling. Let’s look then into changing perceptions and encourage content generation that gives an alternative version of the story. Here’s the love!


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